January 16, 2012

d.i.y. Sea shell mirrors

Hand crafted sea shell mirror.

All I needed -
  • framed mirror - $4/each (From >> Michaels)
  • sea shells by the sea shore - $0(you can purchase shells in any craft store)
  • glue gun - $7
  • patience - what's that?
I had three of the four...

An extra, but not necessary -  Polyurethane. I coat all my shells before I begin any project with them, to give them a wet, glossy look.

If shells are non store bought, clean them in a bucket or sink with 1/4 cup of bleach.

Not only is it incredibly easy, if you search for your own sea shells, it's unbelievably affordable.

And I just found this on the Michaels website, for all you parents out there.. craft to do togethers with the kids right >> hereee!

Hope everyone had a wonderfuuul weekend! :)


Kendra said...

I love it! It's crafty, affordable, and kid friendly!

Unknown said...

These mirrors are stunning, can't believe they're DIY!

xo Shane

The Olive Tree Blog said...

oh my. that is stunning~!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

super cute idea!

... said...

Saw you on Noelani's blog! :) This is sooo cute!

Courtney B said...

love love LOVE your mirror! It turned out SO cute!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

ooooh what a pretty mirror! I have got to make one of these.